Maybe you found me here, or maybe you came here from my toy collection website The Broken Clock!

I am, in short, a certified Tales nut and I express this by spending a sometimes egregious amount of money of Tales-related things.

So, you'll find this place dedicated almost completely to the Tales series. I so far have settei and douga from Tales of the Abyss, and settei from Tales of Vesperia - The First Strike and Tales of Symphonia. There's other stuff too, though! I am very fond of Cardcaptor Sakura and Animaniacs, for instance :D

I am always looking for more of any Tales production art that I don't have, particularly from Vesperia and Abyss (Jade! :D), and Symphonia. I'd also love to get my hands on some Phantasia one of these days. I've seen it and I know it's out there >:D

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News & Updates

5/5/2011Tales of Symphonia and Cardcaptor Sakura sections added and updated! Welcome to my first actual anime cel!

Additionally, many new settei for Tales of the Abyss have been added, bringing my total progress on cataloguing this collection up to about 40% haha.
3/2/2011Tales of Vesperia and Tales of the Abyss Settei sections are now 100% up to date.
2/24/2011The Radiant Glyph now open.

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Animaniacs (4) 11/9/2012
Cardcaptor Sakura (7) 9/12/2012
Tales of the Abyss (17) 5/3/2011
Tales of Vesperia ~ The First Strike (7) 12/12/2012
Tales of Symphonia - Settei (50) 5/5/2011
Tales of the Abyss - Settei (218) 5/9/2011
Tales of the Abyss - Settei (Enviornments) (51) 5/9/2011
Tales of Vesperia ~ The First Strike - Settei (80) 3/3/2011

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