Tales of the Abyss

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Ep22.1 - Luke & Asch (Genga)
Source: TV
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Added 2/28/2011
Updated 5/3/2011
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Genga set of a short sequence featuring Luke and Asch in the Tales of the Abyss anime. The complete sequence begins at 15:48 minutes into Episode 22 and runs for about 10 seconds when Asch confronts Luke because of spoilers spoilers spoilers haha.

I received this and the same-posed sequence following it as if it was a single sequence, but in the episode it is actually split but a cut to Asch. I've split it up just like that :)

I was unable to get the douga copy of this sequence but I'm happy with the genga, sketches and layouts that I was able to get, especially since the genga for this series are still really nice and sharp.


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