Cardcaptor Sakura

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One of my favourite anime of all time :D

I am very much always looking for cels of Clow Reed. He's my absolute favourite CCS character; I'd even love to find douga of him from Tsubasa RC.

My active search at the moment is for a good, cute cel of Suppi, and a nice cel of Eriol, preferably in Clow garb but anything not in school uniform I'd love. My dream cel of this character is actually from when he appears as the Cheshire Cat in the Wonderland episode :D

Additionally I'd love to one day have a cel or two of any of the cards, but they're not super super high on my wishlist.

 Ep??? - Suppi

 Ep68.1 Clow Reed

 Ep68.3 Clow Reed

 Ep12 - Syaoron Li

 EP?? - Syaoran Li

 EP?? - Syaoran Li

 EP?? - Syaoran Li

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