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My settei collection for the Tales of Symphonia anime OVA.

At the moment I only have settei from the Sylvarant Arc, and I'm on the lookout for Tethe'alla arc character pages. Notably I'm looking for Zelos, Kratos (Judgement) and Corinne, and any of the characters in their noble outfits (I figure there must have been sheets made for them since they appeared like this in the Tethe'alla omake). Additionally any monster sheets. I love monster settei.

 000B - Continuity/Detail Sheets

 000A - Cast Height Chart

 001A - Lloyd Irving

 001B - Lloyd Expressions

 001C - Lloyd's Swords

 001C - Lloyd's Swords 2

 001D - Lloyd

 001E - Lloyd's Exsphere

 002A - Colette Brunel

 002B - Colette Expressions

 002C - Colette's Chakrams

 002D - Colette's Pendant

 003A - Genis Sage

 003B- Genis Expressions

 003C - Genis' Kendama

 003D - Genis

 004A - Raine Sage

 004B - Raine Expressions

 004C - Raine's Staff

 004D - Raine

 005A - Sheena Fujibayashi

 005B - Sheena Expressions

 006A - Kratos Aurion

 006B - Kratos Expressions
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