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I absolutely love the Warners. If everyone has to have a favourite Warner Brothers toon, then I have to say Yakko, Wakko and Dot are it (Of course, if it must be a Looney Tunes toon, then Bugs and Road Runner, naturally, if I must). Expect most of these cels to be of Yakko. While I adore all three of the Warner sibs, Yakko is my favourite.

Collecting Warner Brothers cels, like Disney cels, is hard to do on a budget if you really want some genuinely nice pieces, since the average retail prices are in the $400+ range, or more for a real quality cel, but I've lucked out quite a bit -- which to be honest is a bit of an understatement in some cases.

 Ep.59 - Condor Tower Escape

 Ep.99.1 - Yakko

 Ep.99.1 - Yakko - Sketch

 Ep.99.2 - Yakko and Nosenest

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