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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Cardcaptor Sakura
Any nice cel of Suppi/Spinel Sun. Preferably during one of his sweets-eating freak out moments! Very High
Any good quality cel of Clow Reed. High
Eriol, preferably in his clow costume OR as the Cheshire Cat from the Wonderland episode! Not really interested in a school uniform cel, but if it's an otherwise nice shot, I'll take it! High
Settei of Ho-oh Low
Tales of the Abyss
ANY douga, settei or genga of Jade Curtiss! High
Episode 11, Sequence start 4.47 High
Tales of Vesperia
ANY douga or genga from the game's anime cuts or The First Strike will do, but if you have douga or genga or Yuri, Flynn or Repede, and you're willing to part with it, or you can hook me up with some, I will keel over and die at the sight of your sheer awesomeness. I teared at just getting some studio settei from this series. I seriously can't understate how rapt I'd be for some nice douga/genga, especially of those three characters. Will Give Kidney
Settei from the Vesperia game. I've seen it, I know it's out there, and I just wish I hadn't been broke when it appeared. I will go to lengths to get a hold of it. I need it in my life. Will Give Kidney

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